CAD Files

Stair Detail – AutoCAD

This file includes  staircases, and handrail details you need to provide in your layout in the detail section in order to make your plans ready for the DOB plan exam processFILE PASSWORD:  DOWNLOAD

ADA Handicap Details

Handicap (ADA= Americans with Disabilities Act ) Details for commercial, manufacturing, and multi-family residential building, that you need to use in your design and DOB layout in order to get approval FILE PASSWORD:  DOWNLOAD

CMU Bearing Wall Detail-AutoCAD

A CMU (Concrete Masonry Unit) bearing wall refers to a type of structural wall made of concrete masonry units, commonly known as concrete blocks. These walls are designed to handle the vertical load of the structure, transferring it to the foundation. They are widely used in residential, commercial, and industrial construction due to their durability, strength, and cost-effectiveness.CMU bearing walls are typically constructed by stacking individual concrete blocks, which are rectangular in shape and have hollow cores. The blocks are...

Street Tree – AutoCAD

Street TreesThe PDF Document street tree planting requirements increase the street tree canopy, improve air quality and foster stormwater management. Street tree regulations apply in all zoning districts to developments, major enlargements where the floor area on the zoning lot is increased by 20 percent or more, and conversions of 20 percent or more of the floor area of a non-residential building to residential uses. The requirements are not applicable to industrial uses in Use Groups 17 and 18.High-density streetscapein...