Architectural Design and Services

HN REPUBLIC is a full-service Architectural Design and consulting company in New York City. We provide all related services such as Building Design, Interior Design, and the Department of Buildings process to obtain permits for your projects based on your goals and project needs

Building Code and Zoning Consulting

New York City is one of the most complicated Cities in Building Code and Zoning Resolution section and includes many special districts that have their regulations and exemptions which makes the design and construction more complex in this city. we work directly with other architects, engineers, building owners, and real estate investors who want to maximize their development potential and implement their complicated ideas in their projects.

Zoning / Code Representative and Expediting Services

Because of the complexity of the zoning and building code in NYC and many updates and exemptions, you need to obtain a Construction Code Determination or Zoning Resolution Determination from DOB officials such as the Borough Commissioner’s office. At HN REPUBLIC, we can help you with the determinations, expedite your construction projects, and get the best results as much as possible. We also expedite the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) and can help you obtain your permits.

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3D Design, Rendering, and Virtual Staging services