HOTO Electric Screwdriver, All-in-One

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HOTO Electric Screwdriver, 3.6V Cordless Screwdriver Set, All-in-One Design, USB-C Charging Cable, Manual & Electric, LED Shadowless Light, 3 Torque, 5N.m 1500mAh, 12 Pcs Bit for Electrical Repairs


  1. All-in-One Design: The HOTO Electric Screwdriver features an all-in-one design, providing convenience and versatility for various tasks.
  2. USB-C Charging Cable: With a USB-C charging cable included, this screwdriver offers easy and fast charging, ensuring you’re always ready to tackle your projects.
  3. Manual & Electric Modes: It offers both manual and electric modes, giving you the flexibility to choose the most suitable mode for your needs, whether it’s for precision work or more demanding tasks.
  4. LED Shadowless Light: Equipped with an LED shadowless light, this screwdriver ensures enhanced visibility in dimly lit or confined spaces, allowing for more precise and accurate workmanship.
  5. 3 Torque Settings: With three torque settings, this screwdriver offers versatility to handle different types of screws and materials, providing optimal performance and efficiency for various applications.
  6. 5N.m 1500mAh: It boasts a torque of 5N.m and a 1500mAh battery capacity, ensuring sufficient power and endurance to tackle a wide range of tasks without frequent recharging.
  7. 12-Piece Bit Set: The screwdriver set includes 12 pieces of bits, offering versatility and compatibility for various screw types and sizes, making it ideal for electrical repairs and other DIY projects.